Pilates is a type of exercise that incorporates mobility, flexibility and strengthening exercises, and can be of benefit to people of any age and ability.

With consistency, you will experience improvements in posture, joint mobility, balance, strength and efficiency of movement. Pilates at the Pure Practice is physio-led and therefore we are able to offer pilates bespoke to injury rehabilitation when appropriate. We also have specialist Pilates equipment known as a reformer which adds another dimension of either resistance or support to your exercises. Through adjusting a system of springs and a sliding carriage you can dynamically stretch and strengthen all muscle groups.

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Absolutely fantastic service.

Julie Holt

I’ve had 2 appointments. Very professional very friendly and starting to feel the benefits. I wouldn’t hesitate to go back if needed Definitely recommend

Lee Green

Not only do the great people at Pure Practice repair you but also condition your body to take on the world again. - Brilliant!

Peter MOrgan 

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