Exercise Rehab

What do YOU love doing? Pain will affect how you move, your confidence and your motivation. Our focus is to get you back to doing more of what life is about whether that be walking the dog, lifting the grandchildren or ultra-marathons.

To be effective, exercise prescription needs to be bespoke, supportive, progressive and consistent. Our goal is to help you restore and optimise your functional ability and reduce the risk of re-injury. Our exercise programs are goal orientated and are accompanied by videos and descriptions via email (so no more lost pieces of paper of stick men drawings!)

What are the benefits?

We recognise that it can be hard to remain self motivated during any recovery phase and bad habits can creep in to exercise technique and compliance with rehab. No one can deny however that Motion is Lotion! With our colleagues at Coach Dee we have six week programs covering back pain and lower limb rehabilitation in classes for up to 5 individuals, led either by a physiotherapist or an S&C coach.

If you already work with a trainer or a coach we have established a great network with many of the local pros to co-ordinate those critical initial stages back to full fitness. If we don’t already work with yours we are always happy to make new connections so feel free to introduce us! Contact us to find out more.

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If you're ready to book an appointment simply click below, otherwise if you have any questions prior to booking we can be reached on telephone at 01225 285528 or alternatively you can email us at and someone will get back to you asap!


I had my second appointment with Sonja Bass at The Pure Practice today and was again impressed by her ability to quickly assess which exercises to 'prescribe' and the short massage/pummeling that enabled me to walk home in less pain than I arrived! All of this was delivered with friendly conversation and a smile.

Linda Blackman

Absolutely fantastic service.

Julie Holt

Not only do the great people at Pure Practice repair you but also condition your body to take on the world again. - Brilliant!

Peter MOrgan 

I’ve had 2 appointments. Very professional very friendly and starting to feel the benefits. I wouldn’t hesitate to go back if needed Definitely recommend

Lee Green

Physio treatment by lovely people going very well - highly recommended

James FA

Very knowledgeable, and thorough in assessing me. Practical solutions and great follow up.

Ken Fryer

Friendly, formidably knowlegable staff, would definitely reccommend

Melanie Smith

Friendly and professional welcome and thorough examination and treatment

Martin Warren

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If you have any questions prior to booking please contact us using one of the methods below, or if you've already booked click the pin on the map to get directions to the clinic.

01225 285528

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